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Sixth Otter Survey Wales

Kean and Chadwick 2021. Otter Survey of Wales 2015-18. Natural Resources Wales Evidence report 519

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(c) Jeff Chard

Otter diet

Moorhouse-Gann, RJ, Kean, EF .et al. 2020. Dietary complexity and hidden costs of prey switching in a generalist top predator. Ecology and Evolution 10(13), pp. 6395-6408. (10.1002/ece3.6375)

Diet 2020 paper.jpg

(c) Jeff Chard

Persistent Pollutants in Otters

Kean, E.F. et al. 2021. Persistent pollutants exceed toxic thresholds in a freshwater top predator decades after legislative control. Environmental Pollution,


(c) Jeff Chard

Odour dialects

Kean, E.F., et al. 2017. Odour dialects among wild mammals. Scientific Reports 7, article: 13593.

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(c) Jeff Chard

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